Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sex News Sunday #7

I chose the following story not only for content, but for my own selfish reasons.

The subject today is not new to most women. It's from the always self proclaimed unbiased(?) Fox News online.
Fox reports on a study that shows that women feel 'cheap' and 'used' after a one night stand. Don't ask me why they used quotes for those words.
It is a story that looks into the psychology of casual sex. My favorite, next to my own, website is Wikipedia.
Wiki describes casual sex by:
One night stand is a single sexual encounter between individuals, where at least one of the parties has no immediate intention or expectation of establishing a longer-term sexual or romantic relationship.

Apparently women get involved with things like one night stands because of a certain degree of flattery felt, the sense of being wanted. Being a female I understand those feelings. Men are on the opposite end of the pole (excuse the pun): men lower their standards to get laid and the flattery is a fantasy to them.
I always enjoy the news I find that deal with the opinions and feelings that involve both sexes. To read all the information check out my last Sex News post and read about the study at FoxNews

Now to add some personal experience to the objective study.
When I was college, many years ago, before sex could kill you with AIDS or Hep C. I enjoyed many different men. I hope they enjoyed me too. I would say that about 95% of those encounters were casual or what is called today, steady fuck buddies.
True, once in a while I felt cheap and I questioned my standards. It wasn't all bad though.
When I was a 19 year old sophomore I was introduced by my friends to an 18 year old freshman.
I wasn't that impressed. Without going into the soap opera-like details. I eventually became interested and curious in him. I ended up propositioning him. In my mind it would be a fun night, maybe even a fun weekend, but that would be it. It was fun. It was great, I could barely walk the next day.
We ended up together for a much longer time than that weekend. I was surprised. It seemed like fate.
His name was CJ. We were married about 2 years later and divorced 5 years after that. We have wonderful daughter now, known as the Star Child to us. After 17 years we were reunited and are back making love to each other again.
I would say go into a casual sex experience with your eyes open gals, but remember you never know, it could be a way to meet your soulmate.


Anonymous said...

Much too much of a big deal is made about the motivations and feelings around the hook ups that people have. How do you get a statically significant sample anyway? Whether it's fun and exciting or cheap and used depends on whom you talk to.

Sex is a personal taste, so it really, really depends on whom you talk to. And, unlike political survey and the like, it's hard to account find a truly representative cross section. Too much depends on who is giving the survey and where it is being done.

Anonymous said...

Hi MCB...always nice to see you here at Dirty Debbie's.
I agree with your comments about the sampling. We are talking about Fox News which originally was a bit worrisome.
As I said, I can take into account a bit about the woman's side of things and it is a form of flattery. As for the men, maybe we'll have to see CJ's point of view. After all he was the other half of that infamous one night stand of ours.