Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fuck Me Like Her-Part Two

As always be sure to check out the back story by reading Part One

Weeks passed, life for us remained about the same. We had moments where we acted like the couple that I wish we really were. One night he was feeling a bit passionate towards me. It had been about two months since we had made love so I was ready for him.

As we made our way to the bedroom a picture moved from my subconscious mind to the forefront. That image was of ‘the mistress’. I wanted to be her. I wanted to get the attention that I used to get from my boyfriend, the attention I deserved, and the attention she was getting instead. I was tired of being made love to like it was chore, rather than because there was an attraction, a need, or a desire. I became a different sexual being and I stayed there, in that mindset. The rest of this story tells about the fucking bitch I became.

One thing that I will give my boyfriend credit for, he did know what I liked in bed. He began to kiss me, up my neck, to my ears, and then moved to my mouth. It was then that the passion welled up in me and my favorite filthy salacious speech turned into something else and I said:
“Talk to me like you talk to your whore”

He pulled back and looked at me quizzically, but I think he thought it was just part of one of my games. Rather than the silence or coos that I normally heard, he got as filthy as I was, if not more. He told me things I had never heard before, things like,
“Fuck you bitch, how dare you ask for anything”
I ignored his comment, went ahead, and made another request.
“Now go ahead and kiss me like her”

The funny thing is that he began to kiss me differently; he began to bite and nibble on my neck and then my cheeks before sucking at my lips. He didn’t seem to mind this time; apparently going along with what he had decided was just a game. In reality, it was not anywhere near being a game. He became forceful and thrust his tongue into my mouth. I did my best to keep up with him.
This progressed, things got hotter and heavier and I was enjoying the newness of it all, even if the reason for it made my stomach turn. He started to plant soft kissed on my tits and slowly worked his way down to my pussy. I was so glad that I had shaved earlier in the day; it always makes me more sensitive. Of course, this was something different from our routine. Normally I would be on my knees before I would be serviced in such a way.
“Please, please, now eat my pussy as if it were hers!”, I begged.
I got just what I asked for. His form, his talents seemed to completely change. Rather than the few licks I had gotten used to, he took care of me from my asshole to my clit and back again. Nice and slow, gently sucking on my clit, driving me wild and making me squirm for the first time in a long time. He drew my puffy pussy lips between his lips and licked at them as he worked his way down to my puckered hole. He drove me over the edge as he tongue fucked my ass. I came hard as he moved his tongue up and down into my tight cunt. I grasped his strong shoulders and dug my nails into them as my soaked pussy rocked against his face.

Just as I was thinking how much I needed his cock, the bitch in me welled up again and I moaned out,
“Fuck me the way you like to fuck her”
Again he pulled back to look at me for a split second this time with a more worried look on his face. He answered with me just one word, “Fine!”
He pushed me back down on to the bed and straddled me right below my tits. He slid his stiff cock between my massive tits and pushed them against himself. He felt smooth and very warm. I took over the job of holding my tits as he began to fuck them. He put a few pillows under my head so I could easily lap at his cockhead as he moved towards my mouth. I loved the feeling of his smooth balls dragging across my abdomen and the taste of his pre-cum as my tongue flicked across his leaking head. He pulled at my erect nipples as he called me a whore and a cocksucker. He kept at it as he came closer to cumming.

“Oh, now suck me off”, he moaned.
I tilted my head a bit more upwards and moved up so he was kneeling right in front of me. Now his dripping cockhead was resting on my lips.
Now it was his turn, he was still treating me to the filthy language, “Now suck my cock, just the way I like it whore”.
I leaned down and began licking at his balls right away, moving my tongue up to his head and feasting on his pre-cum with it. For some reason this seemed to piss him off rather than please him.
“No, no bitch, no! Have you gotten even more stupid since last time?”
He grabbed the back of my head, took a fistful of my hair and yanked at me towards his stiff cock. When I say stiff, I mean it too. It was a fucking diamond cutter. I don’t think I had seen him that hard since he was 21 years old. In a matter of, what seemed, to be seconds, half his dick was down my throat. The back of my head was shoved down his shaft, I took him all, but I gagged like a schoolgirl in the process. I began to suck as he fucked my face as hard as he could.
“Look at me when you suck me bitch!”
The submissive in me doesn’t disappear and I looked right up at him. He fucked my face fast, hitting the back of my throat with almost every thrust. His balls were slapping against my chin and then being ground into my face. This was not what I usually expected of him. His groans were loud and very carnal.

“Oh bust those nuts babe, I’m gonna paint your slut face”
Soon after saying that, he started to explode. I sucked harder and he twitched as he started spurting. I got a taste of his jizz on my tongue and swallowed, but he quickly pulled out of my mouth and kept spurting on my face. It was like no time I had remembered in the recent past.
We both were spent after that and just laid on the bed for several minutes afterwards. There was no snuggling, no pillow talk, we didn’t speak. I eventually got up and took a shower. By the time I returned to bed, my boyfriend was already under the covers and asleep.

We never brought it up, the fact that my requests, and his response to them were because of his mistress. I couldn’t bring myself to confront him, at least not right away. At first, I couldn’t figure out why, but after a discussion with my girlfriend it came to me.
I felt sorry for her on some strange level. I felt sorry for my boyfriend’s slut. After the fuckfest we had that night I thought to myself, “Is this really how he treats her?”.
At least I was always handled with a certain gentleness. Even though I was being lied to, there was still a certain understanding to our world. My sympathy for the unknown woman didn’t last forever. He had chances to come clean, but never did. I eventually did a real confrontation and reminded him of that night. No need to go into detail about what ensued or how I caught him in the first place, but within the year I had a much cuter apartment and it was all mine.

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cruelbfair@aol.com said...

Fabulous post, hot and insightful at the same time.

It is an irony of long term love that many of us who have mistresses, boyfriends, lovers, etc. often use our best bedroom moves with them and not with our primary partner. I've been fighting that fight for 20 years, and, since Shakespeare wrote about the challenges of keeping love young 400 years ago, I'm not sure the issue's going away any time soon.

Q said...

"gagged like a schoolgirl" is the most skillful metaphor I've heard in a long time.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys

cruleb..an interesting aspect on the story

Q..see? the brain is the largest sex organ! Keep enjoying

Anonymous said...

After reading part 2, I'd say that you wer probbably less aggressive than he liked. Shit I dujnno, maybe it was becuase your breath stank. Wondering also baout the map you found and credit caard. Didja ever ask him about it or just assume he was cheeting on you. I found a cell phone number on our phone bill called from his phone that was in a town far from us and turns out one of his coworkers never changed the number so it looked like he was cheeting. I asked him about it all upset like and he was like cool but one day I went to his job and he introduced me to this gal. turns out he helped fix hjer car cause she didn't have the money and couldn't get to work. just sayn hat maybe it wasn't all his fault ok?

Anonymous said...

Hey anon

Glad you went on to Part 2, but I can't answer all your questions becuase they don't apply. This story is fiction and only a short story, that's why I didn't delve into some of the subjects/ideas you mention.