Saturday, July 23, 2011

Gay for The Stay

It was early in the morning when I was handed a thick document by the Constable at my door.  They finally found Tommy, arrested him, and want me to testify.  Tommy had been my roommate for about 9 months last year.  We had an interesting relationship; everything was split down the middle, including me.  No romantic involved, just sort of friends with benefits.  He was a great lover, knew everything I needed to cum and soak his balls with my juices every time.  Problem was that he was a bad boy, admittedly part of my attraction to him.He skipped out about six months ago, leaving me lonely and frustrated at night and a lot poorer with no one to help with bills.  That was nothing compared to the fact that he stole my car that morning.  I was very proud of that Mustang, it was my baby and I felt he raped it.

After thinking about all this, I moved back to the kitchen and sat down with my coffee.  I opened the document and written at the top was: Subpoena.  It had the details including the trail date.  I marked it on my calendar; it was for about 10 days from now.

….  Finally the day had come.  I had been stewing for a week about Tommy and I was ready to get the bastard thrown in jail.  He can’t be playing Grand Theft Auto with my car.  When I walked into the courtroom, I was cool as a cucumber.  I even took pride in the fact that I stayed cool when he came into the room and had the balls to wink at me!

I was one of the first witnesses for the prosecution.  I told them all that I knew about Tommy.  I explained what he had done the morning he left, taking my keys and stealing my car and that was just the worse of it.  A couple of days later he was on the stand himself and the things he was saying about me, total lies, started to get me pissed off.  Saying that I was getting drugs for him and doing petty crimes to get him money.  I had been angry with him since he got up and left with my car six months prior.  To hear what he was saying now just set me off.  All of a sudden I saw red, the world shrunk to tunnel vision and I ran towards him, yelling at the top of my lungs.  I couldn’t help it.  The next things I heard were a gavel coming down hard and “Stop or I’ll hold you in contempt”.  I didn’t stop what I was doing and that was it.  I ended up being put in handcuffs, lead out of the courtroom by a bailiff, with a 30-day sentence in the county jail for contempt of court.  The rest of the next 12 hours was surreal.  I was taken to a basement in the jail, had to surrender my clothing and all the possessions on me.  I was given a yellow two-piece uniform.  I later found out that as of that moment I was a member of the “banana squad”.
Eventually I ended up in the place that would be my home for the next 30 days.  I was in a cell with a petite girl, not much younger than me, that was in for petty larceny.  We didn’t say much to each other for the first few days.  That was fine with me truthfully.  That all changed one evening.  It was late; lights out had been called several hours prior.  I wasn’t sleeping well, lightly all the time now.  I heard a rustling, then a whisper in my ear,

“Listen hon, you listenin’ ?”, she said firmly

All I could do is nod my head.  I was scared to death.  I didn’t know what was going to happen.

“You’re just one more bitch in the banana squad”, she told me matter-of-factly.

The banana squad was lowest on the totem pole, in for 30 days or less, then came the blues, they were the beginning of the felons, finally the reds, serious felons that weren’t in the state prison system yet.  My cellmate was a blue.

“You like girls hon?”, now speaking a little more gently.

This time I answered with just a shake of the head.

“That doesn’t matter now hon, I’m gonna be sure understand what gay for the stay means”

The next thing I felt was her cold hand between the elastic of my pants and my skin.  I started to squirm and slap her back.  That was a big mistake.  She stopped looked at me and laid her fist right into my solar plexus.  It took my breath away; I gasped trying to get air as her hands pulled my pants down.  I could tell that she had done this many times before.  I felt the hard rubber of a dildo shoved up my dry pussy, seemingly tearing me.  I started to yell out, but she put her hand over my mouth saying, 

“That would be your second, and even worse, mistake bitch”.

I shut up and took the pain.  She let go of the dildo and left it in me as she pulled down her pants and crawled on top of my face. 
“You better be good to my pussy or I can make things even worse for you”.
I had never eaten pussy before, but I had to learn quickly and get it right this first time.  All I could base it on was what men had to me in the past to bring me to that brink.  I parted her lips with my tongue and licked up and down her wet slit as she rocked on me.  I was tasting pussy for the first time, a musky sweetness.  I think it was starting to turn me on; the dildo that was stuck in my cunt was loosening a bit, was I getting wet?  I flicked my tongue on her clit and got a positive response, finally.  She had to keep quite or her moans very soft, but she
quickly came and made me drink her juices.  She quickly was off me, fucked me a couple of times with the dildo and disappeared in the dark to the top bunk.

Leaning over she said to me, “Next time is your turn”.

A couple of nights later she kept her promise.  I again heard rustling from the top bunk and she by my side again.

“You keep quite again, got it?”, she said as she was pulling down my pants. 

This time she managed to bind my ankles with my blanket to the bottom of the cot.  She didn’t speak after that, I could tell she just wanted to taste some pussy for herself.  Her tongue attacked me with a certain expertise, better than some men I had.  It was difficult to keep my moans quiet.  She stuffed that damned dildo up my cunt again and then just tickled my clit with a flicking of her master tongue.  I came almost instantly; it had been so long since my pussy had any attention.  I wondered who better to know what a woman needed than another woman did?  Made sense to me, guess I could be “gay for the stay”.  For the next three weeks we went through our routine about three or four times a week.  We learned each other’s needs and how to get favors done for one or the other.

There was only one time when she had to promise me to someone else to get some snack bags she wanted.  That time I had to give a rim job to a “red” in the shower for two days in a row.  Not may favorite thing, but keeping my cellmate happy assured I would stay happy too.
Finally, my 30 days were up.  I was let out at 4:00am.  They got me up early so I could collect my things and change back to my street clothing.  I said good-bye to my cellmate, just smiling.  She answered with “I’ll miss that sweet pussy…good luck”.
I was a free woman again.  Perhaps even a better one?

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