Monday, July 25, 2011

Viva Hooking

Yes, it’s true, I started an RPG game where I’m a bodyguard at a strip club as a cover to my hooking on the street for my pimpas I strive to be a porn star in my pimp's studio.
All of this sparked my imagination. Sure it’s safe online, but I’d like to share the excitement I get from.  The turn-on is intense for me. There are hundreds and hundreds of levels and as I write this, I’m a mere level 3.
I call myself Dirty Debbie in Ponata too.  That Debbie is much more street smart and the world is more violent than the one where the diary exists.  After I got my job at the strip club and had a cover, I was able to start my work in the city’s whorehouse.  Of course, I’m damn good and the guys and gals come on down and use me often.  Below you can see my ranking in the whorehouse.  I’m proud of it.  After a short while, I had a pimp buy me.  I have to surrender 40% of my earnings to him, but he buys me things and makes sure I’m OK.  He constantly complains that he can’t fuck his own girls.  My Johns are literally from all over the world.  They can pay me to blow them, fuck me doggy style, fuck me up the ass, fuck the shit out of me, or abuse my body.  These earn me anywhere from $300 to $1000 after I give my pimp his take.  I’ve gotten into the entire role and I can’t figure if it’s fun or scary.  I’ve bought platform shoes and make-up in the city to be attractive and get more clients. 
Whenever I get a notice that I’ve turned a trick, I send a message to the person thanking them and telling them clearly how much I enjoyed it.  It’s a great chance to use the same skills here and in Ponta. 
Here are some short examples, what do you think?
BakchoD fucked you doggy style, you got $300.
Oh fuck yes, you made me bark like a dog when you ravaged my pussy. It's my fav position. I loved feeling your balls slap me...and I loved draining them too.
Stop by anytime, I'll treat that handsome cock of yours right every time.

Now this guy especially liked my blowjobs and got several of them.  Part of our correspondence is below.

You did a blowjob for Jake and got $300.
dirty debbie wrote: I wanted to let you know how tasty that stiff dick of yours tasted.  Your hot massive load so easily went down my whore mouth.  The head of your cock can hit the back of my throat can feed me anytime...yummy
Jake wrote: mmm that is so hot , you're so my kind of girl baby ^^ I want to climb on top of you, pin your hands on the mattress and force my pulsing cock down your throat until its head hits the back of your relaxed throat and fuck that dirty mouth until I make you gag on my milky cum..  XOX
rich123 fucked the shit out of you, you got $300.
Wanted to let you know how much I needed to have the shit fucked out of me.  I'm glad it's that handsome of cock of yours that did it.  Your cock could fuck me until I pass out and you could keep going.  You're welcome to keep my pussy happy any time, all my holes are "open" for business.
Those are just a few examples. I have to keep these guys/gals coming back to keep my pimp happy .
I have about 82 clients now. I think I’m keeping my pimp happy. He’s put a couple ads in the site’s newspaper to let people know I’m out there and worth it. This is the most recent one. He posted it after coming here to the diary and reading some of my stories.

dirty debbie (157313). New dirty slut on the streets of VP.

Cyberqueen deluxe craving for cock and pussy....

Ask her about her erotic stories. Made my cock hard as hell!
When I saw that, a little ache when straight to my pussy and I was glad to hear that I was getting it right. I hope to keep getting it right in my diary for a long time to come.

For more information on this site, see my post below Hooked and Hooking
Or go directly to my Dirty Shop for the link to Viva Ponata (it's free!), sign up, and stop in to say 'hi' or 'fuck me'
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