Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happy 6th !

Today is the 6th anniversary of Debbie's Dirty Little Diary.
Even though I went on an extended “sabbatical”, I’m back, better than ever, and ready to celebrate.

The modern gift for the 6th anniversary is wood. In light of that I thought I would be able to pick and choose some CBW’s to show off their wood. That was impossible, so check out all that wood here and choose your own favorite.

The final part of my celebration is a bit selfish. I've decided to make a list of my top three stories in different categories. Check them out for the first time, or enjoy them all over again.

Please help me out and vote for your favorite genre at the end of the list.  Remember you have to ask for what you want or Dirty Debbie can't give it to.

Debbie Does You #3
Fuck Me Like You Fuck Her – Part Two
Now It’s Face to Face (Delight Part Two)

The Unlocked Door – Part One
Tell Me
Bath Time For Debbie

Bondage and Force
You Are Mine! (Part Two-The Maid Gets Made)
Is It Safe?
Give It Up Woman
Debbie Does You #2
Let’s Enjoy The Buffet
The Unlocked Door – The Finale

Fetish and Kink
Winter Storm
You Are Mine –  Part One
Strapping It On For Him – Part Two

A thank you to all my readers, new and old.

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woody said...

welcome back deb,

have missed you though i haven't checked the site in some time. imagine my surprise to see today you have released again. i look forward to releasing with you if that could be arraigned.

as always,