Thursday, July 21, 2011

Give Me A Kiss

Touch with the lips or press the lips (against someone's mouth or other body part)
as an expression of love, greeting, etc.

Consider the wonder and uses of kisses. How many people, if asked, would say they didn’t remember their first kiss. When I was five, a boy chased me around a community center to kiss me, but I remember the boy when I was 12 that I first kissed. It was back in the day when playing Spin the Bottle was mostly kissing.

What about the feel of your mother, or father kissing you when you were sick? Moms always do it on your forehead. The first time you kissed your child. I even kiss my cat, as I’m sure others do.

I think nothing expresses pure love like kisses, no not even lovemaking.

Those wonderful feelings and memories are due to a complex system in the brain that is activated and is essentially "the same thing that happens when a person takes cocaine." the brain’s ventral tegmental area, which houses the reward and motivation systems, was flooded with dopamine, an internal chemical that is released when you're doing something highly pleasurable

When it comes to kissing in the sexual sense, that involves more learning and more adventure. It’s when the tongue is usually implemented too. For me kisses are more apt to tickle when it’s a sexual situation.
I can tell by the way that I’m being kissed whether it’s a daily hello or it’s an invitation for things to go further. That kiss is saying “I want to kiss you on different parts of your body”. Those little kisses allow your lips to explore a body. When your mouth is kissed first, then your chin and checks.

I will never forget the first time CJ kissed me. I was in his dorm room at college. It was a planned, between consenting adults, one night stand. I was lonely and I had found him intriguing. As I think back on it, he probably had mustered all his confidence to do what he did. He pushed me back against the door, held on to my wrists as he spread them out from side, and planted his lips on mine. I went weak, and kissed him back just as feverishly. My body decided at that moment that our meeting was a good idea. That was the beginning of a wonderful night, and I could barely walk the next morning. I was kissed in many places over a long period.

I love learning what kisses do to all the parts of my lover’s body, and how they feel on me. The light kisses on the back of your knees, or inside of your elbows. The ones on the back of my neck that start out soft and progress to heavy, then biting. The feel of the soft the kiss on the lips of my pussy, especially when freshly shaved makes me beg for more kisses. The first time someone went down on me, those kisses made me curious about what other magic my partner could do with his lips and mouth.

I like kissing as much as being kissed. Kissing someone’s face and neck while their hair falls on my face. Kissing the cheeks of a man is terrific, that’s the first place a man feels like a man. I like to kiss chests. Finally, especially for me, that first time your lips part to kiss the spongy head of a hard dick beats them all.

I would advocate finding all the little places to kiss a lover…then it’s up to you to decide on whether to kiss and tell.

Never stop exploring the kiss.

There is a significant about of information just on kissing at Wikipedia.
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