Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Grand Re-Opening

Yes, I’ve decided to re-open my diary, re-open my mind, and re-open my legs to feel alive again.
I always enjoyed writing and sharing it with you. It may take a couple stories to totally ramp up, but I’m up for it. Please remember to start submitting to CBW using the link on the sidebar. If you’d like Debbie to do you, read about it in the link on the sidebar and then send an email. Go to the DDY page to read the set of Debbie Does You entries.

Now let’s get on with the celebrating.

The other night I decided, to get my self back into the mood and become Dirty Debbie again by taking my laptop to my bed. In honor of the occasion, I had bought myself a brand spanking new pocket rocket. I stripped my clothes off, moving a bit too close to the window with the shades open. I didn’t close them. I settled onto the cool clean sheets as I thought, “watch and learn” for anyone who would catch a glimpse.

I pulled the new vibrator from my nightstand, plumped up the pillows, lit my favorite candle and started re-reading some of my favorite stories. I amazed myself at how quickly my pussy got wet. Is that awful for someone reading her own erotica? So what if it was, it just added to that naughty feeling that often gives sex that special luscious feeling sometimes. I kept reading, feeling that familiar ache and throbbing inside me. I didn’t notice it right away, but my legs had started to separate and my fingertips were ever so lightly tracing my hard nipples. The story that really started me off and running (or should I say got my vibrator off and running?) was a Debbie Does You story number 3 to be exact. I had put so many of my favorite things into it, a blowjob, a stranger, and the danger of public sex. It was just all too yummy! I was barely half way through when I turned on my vibe, ran it once down my wet slit, then back up to my very swollen, very needy clit. I teased myself, lightening up and tracing my inner lips. The first two fingers of my left hand spread my lips wide and my fingertips became as slippery as my hot pussy. I pushed the laptop off me. I moved that little humming bit of pleasure closer to my clit, hitting just that right spot, a bit to the right…ohhhh…yess. My free hand lifted my left tit up and I bent over to bite my hard nipple. I came so damn hard I think I scared my pet cat!

Those cool clean sheets were now wrinkled, warm, and damp.

I took a deep sigh and was inspired to be Dirty Debbie again.

Thanks for stopping by…and keep cumming!