Wednesday, October 4, 2006

CBW #34 - A Fine Donation #3

This week my 'thank you' goes out to Freakin Rican for his donation.
Not only has he satisfied my fetish of escaping cock, but if you take a close look at this yummy piece of meat you can see it's dripping.

Don't forget guys if you send me a picture that shows your cock escaping, just the way I like it, I'll feature it on a CBW.


Shay said...

I love how it's peeking out of his boxers!! That's sooooo fun! ^_^

Cigamybab said...

Was sup U Have Been listed @
Adult Blogger Blogs

A Link back would be Appreciated

Thanks Cigamybab

single gal said...

release the python on the women!

C said...

hmmmm - escaping - looks like it's in search mode.

Anonymous said...

Search mode...I like it. Exactly.

Peter N said...

So little...but I'm new here.....maybe it's my screen. Maybe not!