Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Little Man Beneath My Desk

Oh, those tense days at work. We've all had them. You can just feel your body fighting, tensing, no relief in sight.
Or is there?
Did you know that back in the 1800's women were stimulated to orgasm, often by mechanical means, to relieve their "hysteria". It was called clitoral massage. Below is brief passage from NNDB explaining female hysteria in Freud's day:
Hysteria (now called conversion disorder) most typically afflicted women and was marked by a variety of physical and behavioral symptoms, for which physicians were unable to find any medical cause. It is worth noting that hysteria, in women, became a particularly common diagnosis in Victorian times, and it has been speculated that many of these women may have been suffering from extreme sexual frustration -- a theory lent credence by the fact that a goodly number of these women gained temporary relief from their symptoms by visiting the physician for clitoral "massage."
Rather than that, I'd want a man beneath my desk at work where things really get to me sometimes. He'd have a moustache, maybe even a goatee. He'd live there quietly, under my desk until I lifted up my skirt, pulled my panties to the side and spread my legs.

His tongue would deftly attack my bald pussy. I'd always keep it well shaved so he could see my swollen deep red clit. He'd devour my love nub and the swollen lips surrounding it.
My knees would hold his head in place, pushing against his ears. The more he'd slurp at and eat me, the more I'd rock against his face. He'd only be allowed to use his mouth, no hands, no toys, nothing else.

I'd grab onto the edge of the desk and bend over as I fucked his tongue. The sound of the slurps as his tongue ran up my hot slit would bring me even closer to the edge.
Finally as I'm ready to cum I'd cup my tits and squeeze, quietly grunt, and force him to drink my warm juices.

My muscles would relax and my "hysteria" would be temporarily cured.
He would just disappear in the darkness below the desk and I would adjust my soaking panties.
I'm sure if this were a reality I'd be more productive at work.

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NaughtyNikki said...

Very hot and sexy!

MikeCindynJoe said...

Deb, I would LOVE to help your productivity at work.

Are you accepting applications?

Dee's Husband said...

Damn! Mike beat me in filing that application. I'm in line right there behind him!


Anonymous said...

Damn guys with offers like that, how can a girl say no?....yummy!

Midwestern City Boy said...

Guys need women under the desk to help our productivity too.

Woody said...

I would lap your juices on command and always be available if you made me in charge of relieving your hysteria. My hysteria becomes uncontrollable just thinking about it.


Richard said...

I would love to sit under your desk.

Torn Shorts said...

Add me to the list of applicants...