Monday, October 23, 2006

Memo From Dirty Debbie

A few little notes.

1. Is romance dead?
The reason I mention this is my last fantasy story: Pre-Dawn.
I took a chance and wrote a different kind of story from a different perspective. It's romantic and in the third person.
I haven't gotten any comments on it and I'm interested in getting some feedback so I know whether I should write like this again. I don't care if you love it or hate, but I was excited in moving to this type of writing. So yeah or nay, let me know what you think.

2. I want to thank all the guys that have sent me pics for CBW. So you know guys, I am posting them in the order I get them, so don't get discouraged if you don't see your picture right away. It's coming.
If you want to contribute, please do and below are the guidelines:

  1. I like to see your handsome cock (and to me all cocks are handsome)

  2. You have to satisfy my fetish-your cock has to be escaping from your pants, shorts, robe, etc.

  3. When you send in your pic, if you have a blog, give me the address. I'll include it in the post.

  4. Finally if you need an idea of what I'm looking for check out:
    CBW #33 CBW #34 CBW #35 CBW #36


Rachel said...

y'know, I didn't really like it... maybe its just the whole fantasy side of it, or something, but I love the other way you write, I think because I can identify with it more. Maybe the whole 3rd person aspect alienates me from the story? just thought you'd like te feedback, but keep up the awesome blogging, I love it!

Sir Dirty Joke said...

GREAT BLOG! I HAVE ADDED YOU TO MY BLOG LINKS! please cum and vote in the sexy ass pic contest!

Anonymous said...

Thanks rachel...actually it's usually easier for me to write the way that you normally see. It was difficult at times not to write "I" when I was writing Pre-Dawn. More than likely I will go back to the 'old' way, maybe every once in a while if the mood hits I'll write another 3rd person story...we'll see.

ArtfulDodger said...

I have to disagree, I enjoyed the story very much and think it is great to see you spreading your wings and trying something new. I encourage you to continue to explore and expand your writing. ;)

woodinhand said...

I liked the post, good story.

I have played around with 1st and 3rd person (about writing here now *wink*), personally I like the 1st person better. There is something to be said about the 3rd person in a voeyour kind of way. Still like the 1st person better.

You asked, Wood answered.

Dee's Husband said...

I haven't gotten any comments on it and I'm interested in getting some feedback so I know whether I should write like this again.

To be perfectly honest, when I start reading something these days, and what I'm reading appears to be fiction, I stop reading. Third person does that to me, somehow. It shuts me down. Somewhere during the past four years I seem to have lost my ability to appreciate anything sexual that's fictional. The written word in general doesn't do much for me any more. Pictures have become my thousand words, hence my frequent and shameless plugs to see lots more of them in the blogs.