Monday, October 16, 2006

The Pre-Dawn

“Come back to bed”, she said from under the covers. He was closing the door to the bedroom and leaving.
“I can’t, I’m wide awake.”, he answered softly.
The glow of the clock said 5:30am.
“You don’t have to be sleepy to come to bed.”, she cooed.
Even in the faint light of the pre-dawn, she could tell he smiled, knowing she was right. He moved around to his side of the bed, let his robe fall to the floor and climbed under the covers. It was cold. It was the first frosty morning of the season. He moved move up next to her and embraced her. The warmth of his smooth skin was even more comfy, she pulled him closer.

He began to nuzzle her. He licked his way up her neck, making his way to her lips. They kissed, a long knowing kiss. It was a mixture of play and intense sensuality. Tongues danced together and lips moved easily, loving, exploring one more time and just as pleasant as the time before and the time before that.
This gentle, loving attention relaxed her and he could feel her begin to melt in his arms. Soft, barely audible moans were beginning to escape her mouth and were taken into his. These wonderful kisses, along with the feel and smell of him were always enough to start her juices flowing. She could fell her pussy dampening and slightly spread her legs as they kept kissing. He pulled his mouth from hers and sucked in wanted more of his breath, more of his essence.

He pulled the covers down, exposing her breasts. The cool air was a shock, but the warmth being created by him created an interesting mix. Her nipples were even more erect, stimulated by his touches and the cool air. He began to massage her breasts like balls of milky pizza dough and her response was swift and predictable; louder moans escaped her and her hips began to seek him out, trying to push against him. Her hands moved around his shoulders to his back. This forced him closer to her nipples, they that were begging for his attention. His face dropped onto one nipple and he began worshipping her tits in that special way that made her feel like a goddess. She moaned out loudly and lightly ran her fingernails around his back, up through his hair, and back again.

By now he had positioned himself on top of her. After the extended play with her breasts, she could feel his manhood hardening against her thigh and she could feel the heat radiating from it. They were growing closer together, like vines of ivy wrapping around each other, natural and entwined. Moans grew as did their breathing, but it was becoming less individual, and more the one entity that they only knew in the physical expression of their love.

Now he breathlessly whispered in her ear his request. She smiled and rolled over.
“Present the lovely flower to me”, he requests.
She gets up on her knees, spreads them apart and lifts her creamy ass in the air.
The fragrance of her wet flower makes his cock twitch and creates those special butterflies in his stomach. He must have her pussy. First, one more tease to make his goddess totally ready to take him. He moves in and lightly smacks her ass on each cheek as he runs his tongue the full length of her inviting slit. A few more smacks and another run back again. She not only moans now, but he has turned her into that bad girl that expresses her wishes like a whore.
“Oh god I love your tongue, give it all to me….fuck me, I’m ready….fuck me”

He wastes no time and mounts her. He easily slides into her and feels her hug him from the inside, the soft, wet, velvety walls hugging and grabbing at him as he slowly moves in and out of her. She keeps pace with each of his thrusts, taking in every inch of him. He surprises her by suddenly doing a hard deep thrust all the way inside her, they both moan out, both knowing that the entwining is complete, they are complete, one love. He leans over her, wanting to please her completely, one hand finds her soaking clit and gently rubs around it, as the other hand pulls on a nipple. The pace quickens as his balls slap against her and become coated her juices. At this moment their world is this bed, this primal ancient rhythm each one truly knowing the other. The pleasure is peaking with each movement, each thrust, each tickle, and each massage.
Her words “Cum with me” have more than one meaning; he is definitely coming with her. Soon they are groaning and moaning together.

She collapses, him on top of her, soaked in each other’s love.
He whispers into her ear “I love you honey”. She answers with “mmmmm…I’ve loved you forever babe”
Then the horror
Beep, beep, beep. The clock is now glowing 7:30am and the alarm is going off.
“Damn I could stay in bed with all day, but I guess we both need showers”.

What will the evening bring for these two?

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Richard said...

an enjoyable erotic post, yet romantic at the same time. It started nicely and ended in a fulfilling way.