Monday, October 2, 2006

To Be A Fly On The Wall

I have a certain sexy thought that I don't know how to describe. It is a turn on and a turn off at the same time.

At times I think about CJ with the other women he's had.
I think of being a fly on the wall and watching.
That's a turn on for me...watching, knowing his expertise in bed, thinking of a woman in ecstasy because of him.
Then that little green monster sneaks in, a tinge of jealousy runs through my mind, and the whole idea almost disgusts me.
It's the idea of the opposite, of that woman making CJ feel so good.

I think if I could get a hold on that little green devil that it would be a fun 'game' to play with CJ. That is, to have him describe, including all the particulars, an encounter from the past. I would have to be allowed to ask questions. I would want the woman to be described physically. Smells, tactile stimulations, taste, every way this woman was experienced by CJ, I would want to hear about.
Then, and only then.
I am sure I would be ready to fuck his brains out.

Now, what about all my fair readers out there?
Is there something you consider a turn on and turn off at the same time?
Are you willing to confess it here?
Any insights into my 'dilemma'
Let me know.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I go through the same thing! Its nice to hear someone else had this problem. I guess some things are best left to fantasy eh?


Woody said...

Sure enough I agree. Would love to be in on a threesome but not sure if I want the wife to be one of the three. Perhaps if it was a WWM.

Aragorn said...

Fun idea indeed. Orchid had as a fantasy that she wanted watch me while I was having sex with another woman ... It was a strong fantasy and at some point, in a particular ‘red light district’ she asked shall we do it here ... ? I hesitated, and we walked away from the option. I don’t think it would have been a good idea, for that same little green devil ... But, still an interesting thought ... maybe some day ...

Shay said...

I think mine is similar.
I would love to do a threesome, but I think (heck I know) I would get jelous when the other two participants pay attention to each other... but then again maybe I would enjoy watching - I think it would depend on my relationship(s) with the others.

Anonymous said...

Well guys this is more than just your usual threesome. CJ and I were involved with one before with one of his best friends and the green monster showed up in him.

I just want to hear about the actual people CJ has been with. See for now just thinking about the idea, after turning me on, can set off a twinge of jealousy.

I guess it sort of falls under the heading of 'don't ask questions you don't want the answer to'.

Midwestern City Boy said...

I think that some things (like former relationships) are best left in the past. There's probably things that she did that you don't and visa versa. And how would you feel is she did things that are physically impossible for you? I once had a girlfriend who was 6-feet tall whose girl parts were "tilted" a combination which allowed for some interesting positions. Anyway, my point is anything goes in the present but the past may have things that you can't compete with.

Anonymous said...

MCB: You make an excellent point! Your insight has helped me put this conundrum in my fantasy to rest. I think from now on I'll concentrate more on the the things like the first fantasy story.

Thanks I owe you one.

MaxPerino said...

*chuckle* funny that I came across this as something very similiar happened the other night.

As my wife stroked me slowly, my hand behind her thigh and sliding upwards she whispered, "How does my pussy feel compared to other women?" I told her she had the best pussy I'd ever had the pleasure of licking and touching and filling and she kept pushing, wanting to know more details of my past lovers.

It was a first and I remember feeling caution, not wanting to drop names as she knows a few of my ex's and making that "link" might break her arousal but at the same time it was hot, it had my hips thrusting as I told her how I had pulled an ex's panties to the side in a park one late night, her exposed breasts against the rough tree. One of the big things that struck me was that sharing the experience with this woman that I love was actually way more arousing than the actual event was. As hot as all those memories were, sharing them turned them into something distinctly "ours". The other women in the memories become glorified sex toys, used to create some friction to rub our minds against.

So, if you ever do decide to give in to this fantasy remember that if CJ is really getting into it it's not because the memories are so good and he wishes he could have them again, it's because he's sharing something intimate with you. In fact, now when I think back to those old times I always remember how I told my wife and *that* is now what I really remember.

Anonymous said...

max...another good point. I was hoping to share something here, and I knew it might be provocative, but I am learning so much from everyone...god I love blogging with all of you!