Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sex Bed Sunday # 4

This Sunday CJ did a terrific job of keeping the chill of autumn out of our bedroom.
He always gets up before I do, but many times on the weekends he eventually returns to the bed.
This morning he started on my neck and ears, kissing and nibbling me. I don't know what it is, but no other kisses and caresses feel the same as the ones on my ears. Maybe it's the ticklish feeling that goes along with it. It just makes me grab CJ and hold on with a mixture of moans and giggles escaping me.

He threw the sheets off of me next and dropped his face onto my tits, stopping my giggles and increasing my moans. Between his love of nipples and the fact that, for me, they are hardwired to my pussy makes a perfect match.
He was a wild man this morning, just taking over.

Next he flattened me out on my back, forcefully spread my legs and plunged his face into my pussy.
Already being well primed by his earlier caresses my swollen aching clit was very pleased to feel that perfect tongue on it, not to mention the special way his mustache tickles me.
As many women will probably tell you, this can take you to a whole other level, and it's no different for me. My moans grew, the pleasure was so intense that it wasn't too soon until I could feel my entire body giving into the full experience, quivering, finally cumming on his face.

He moved on top of me and I pulled him close to kiss him, deeply, licking myself off of his tongue. Then he teased me, just a little, by splitting my swollen pussy lips with his cockhead.
"No not yet, I have to taste you first" I insisted.
He explained he was only teasing and kneeled over my face, I had to only strain slightly as he fed me his cock. I was still flat on my back as he positioned himself to the side of me, held onto the headboard, and fucked my face as I gently sucked him. Again my body was to delight in CJ. I could play with my pussy as I felt him grow in my mouth, and every so often he would tweak my nipples, yes perfection. This almost magic dynamic was causing my moans, even though they were now stifled with a hard cock in my mouth, to coat his meat as much as my tongue did.

CJ then performed his final gesture of force. He pulled out of my mouth, rolled me on to my stomach, and slammed into my now soaking, steaming snatch. Oh that feeling of CJ sliding his cock in and out of me is fantastic. I just moaned out "Yes, just fuck me, yes" and fucked him right back. Having cum on his face, and again coming close while he allowed me that wonderful simple pleasure of sucking his cock, I now let my pussy explode all over him.

So we missed the first 20 minutes or so of one of our Sunday morning rituals, watching Sunday Morning on CBS, but obviously we miss that first part a lot.
A great way to start the week off.

Sex Bed Sunday


ArtfulDodger said...

Who needs television on a morning like that anyway? ;)

Midwestern City Boy said...

I'd be willing to miss more than a few minutes of "Saturday Morning on CBS" for a morning like that.

Rachel said...

thats MY ritual!!!! only, at the moment, no partner to enjoy the sex bed sunday with (business trips really are no fun) wish I could have missed some of that great show for some great sex...

Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like you had some fun. We have a similar ritual on Saturdays. We let the kids watch cartoons and we stay in bed screwing. Thanks for sharing.


Woody said...

Can't make it up. What a hot little read. Damn near spilled my load but think I'll save it for later.


Dee's Husband said...

Ahhhhh! See! First person writing keeps me reading till the last scorching word. Much better! :)


Anonymous said...

Glad you liked joe, but I bet I liked it better LOL!